BBB Fishing Club


Montana - Link Lake - 1995
Shaver, Brad, Julius, Darren, Gunny, and Sprintcar Chuck, Corbotto took the pic...
On this trip Darren and I convinced the rest of the group that this lake was simply awesome.  We hiked 6 miles uphill to a beautiful lake.  We had huge deer visit our campsite during the night.  The next morning after we had talked all night about how good the fishing was we proceeded in to catch one fish between all of us.  Link Lake apparently had had a fish kill or lake turnover and there were no fish to in the entire lake.  BBB Fishing Club members were misinformed by our friendly one footed camp site manager.

Snake River in Idaho - 1995
In from bottom left, clockwise
Juluis (he loves that Pine Not wine)
Stan the Man (showed up late and had his hamburger eaten, still mad about it)
Shaver (moved to Virginia, has not made a BBB trip to date)
Husband, Guide, then Wife (did not know these peeps, we had not showered in a week,
 I think they it was one smell of a trip for them...)
Corbotto (had too much whiskey)
Troutmasser D (nice paddle stroke form)

Missing: Brad, Gunny, Sprintcar Chuck, and the Paulsauge)

Alaska 2009 Fly-in with Great Alaskan Outdoors
Paul, Scott, Darren and Corbitt
We decided on a fly-in on this trip in 2009.  We went a little late and it was cold.  Upon landing on the pristine clear blue lake Scott looked out over the was and thought he could step down into the water that was clearly two feet deep.  Unfortunately, for Scott the water was eight (8) feet and he took a header into the frigid water.  This could have been bad two north of any civilization, but our fearless shotgun toting guides had some spare dry gear for Scott.  We were all happy to see that Scott was breathing regularly again and in dry clothes so we could go jerk some phat/fat trout.

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